UK Pub Slots

The variety of UK pub slots available to players is simply superb as there are a large amount of games with different themes and playing styles to choose from. The main decision a player faces when they decide to play a slot game is whether to play the range of casino slots or the pub slots. The two different options present players with numerous advantages and disadvantages that depending on each individual will change accordingly. The UK pub slots first main difference and advantage for many players is that there results are adjusted according to players skill levels. The casino slots results are worked out purely based on their luck which is not as much fun for a lot of players. The UK pub slots challenge player’s skills and their judgments which are highly appealing as people like having their interactions rewarded. The format of the UK pub slots opposed to the casino slots are much smaller which is a lot more attractive to players as they are much simpler to play. The pub games generally run off three reels and one win line whereas the casino slots can be up to five reels and thirty win lines.

The history of the UK pub slots goes back to pubs across the nation who would have the slot machines placed in the corners of their establishments. The land based machines were hugely popular and drinkers in the pubs would love the challenge that they possess. The games with the invention of the internet were soon launched onto an online platform where these drinkers could play the games from the comfort of their own homes. This was highly attractive to players as they no longer had to go to the land based pubs to play their favourite UK pub slots. This online UK pub slots guide is a fine source of information for players wanting to see reviews on the different games available. The guide also offers players hints and tips how to best play the various games and which games have different interactive features. The guide also explorers the best UK pub slots providers and features and recommends these in this site. The recommended provider is fully regulated ensuring that players are offered a fair pay out rate and chance to win. The operator also offer a twenty four hour customer support department who are able to assist players with all of the different UK pub slots.

The interactive game play features that the range of UK pub slots offer players include nudges, holds, skill stopper and high / low gamble. The first of these exciting features is the nudges which test player’s judgment abilities and tactical brain. The nudges work by the player having the chance to move the reels and symbols down a place in order to create a winning line combination. The holds give players the chance to keep a reel in the same place whilst the other reels spin in an effort to create a winning line. The next exciting feature of the UK pub slots is the skill stopper which is designed to test player’s reflexes. The skill stopper shows a flashing light moving over two different squares and the player having to stop the light on the correct square. The high / low gamble in the UK pub slots is the next very important feature as it tests player’s rational thinking. The feature works by showing a player a number between one and twelve and then asks them to choose if the next number shown will be higher or lower. The combination of these different interactive features in the UK pub slots is a great element that makes the game highly entertaining and a lot of fun.

The themes across the range of UK pub slots are all a very similar style to each other as they aim to capture player’s interests through lighthearted and imaginative concepts. The themes in the range of casino games tend to be much more serious which will not appeal to all players. The UK pub slots present players with the chance to play a range of highly amusing and entertaining games. The themes that can be found across the range of UK pub slots include super rich grannies trying to spend a fortune on frivolous goods and aliens attacking earth armed only with cash. The other themes include animals playing football in a world cup competition and a hysterical look at the social group the chav. The style of animation of the different UK pub slots is excellent and players will love the universal cartoon animated style that is utilized across the range. A fine example of a slot with this great style of animation is the UK pub slot Cash n Curry which manages through bright and colourful animation to bring a fun theme to life. The theme is going to an exotic Indian restaurant for a curry and presents lots of elements of this experience in a humorous fashion.

The colourful style of cartoon animation is a very appealing highlight of the UK pub slots which are also equipped with brilliant sound effects. The sound effects include different themed phrases that are played at different times during a playing session. One of the UK pub slots that are a great example of different funny sound effects is the UK pub slot Dubya Money. The game is themed on former American president George Bush and plays different effects related to him include an American accent saying ‘oh shucks’. These sound effects are highly amusing and players will love the quality that these effects bring to the various UK pub slots. The overall conclusion of the range of UK pub slots is that they offer players a fun and very enjoyable playing experience due to the interactive style of play offered. The themes are all very lighthearted and enjoyable with the some of the games presenting highly amusing ideas that players will love. The visual and sound effects that are used across the range of games are fantastic as they are a very colourful style of cartoon animation that players will love.