HellBoy Casino UK Pub Slot

The Hellboy casino pub slot is a recreation of the famous comic books and two movies that were recently released. The comic books were hugely popular and created a wonderful main character and some fantastic storylines that players really enjoyed. The story behind the Hellboy Casino pub slot centered around the second world war where the Germans bought down from hell an evil creature to use as a weapon. At the end of the world the allies found this creature and captured him, over the years they managed to train him and use him for the power of good. The creature was then known as the greatest paranormal detective of all time who searched banished evil forces from earth. The Hellboy casino pub slot follows this creature on his adventures showing him dealing with evil paranormal forces. The Hellboy casino pub slot is one of the most entertaining of all the online slot games but also one of the darkest due to its fighting evil paranormal forces theme. This UK pub slots therefore may not be for everyone and players wanting a much more lighthearted themed game can try the UK pub slot Cash n Curry. The Indian restaurant theme has lots of comic elements and is ideal for players wanting a funny lighthearted playing session.

The Hellboy casino pub slot is brought to life on the players screens with a style of comic book animation seen in the original comic books. The animation is fantastic and will instantly remind players of the comic books and is very visually appealing and stylish. The background of the Hellboy casino pub slot is an animation of a night sky which is detailed in blue with black buildings rising up into the sky. The symbols used in game are all different characters from the comic books which look great on the screen as they are full of colour. The different characters that are shown by the games symbols include Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, Johann Krauss, Hellboy and Professor Trevor Buttleholm. These symbols are all detailed in a great style of comic style animation that players will love. The title text of the Hellboy casino pub slot is a recreation of the title text used in the official comic books that were released many years ago. The combination of the title text, symbols and the background works brilliantly at creating a great overall looking game. The style of animation in all the different elements of the Hellboy casino pub slot are excellent and very much in keeping with the games comic book roots.

The sound effects that are played in the Hellboy casino pub slot are crucial in creating a very enchanting overall atmosphere which players will love. The background sounds are taken directly from the movie and players will instantly recognize the music played. The various winning line combinations are all met with their own sound effect that greatly improves the slots overall performance. The bonus round in the Hellboy casino pub slot has a very intense set of sound effects that will make players excitement levels race. The combination of the slots visual and sound effects creates a very intriguing overall playing atmosphere that players will love. The quality of the visual and sound effects used in the Hellboy casino pub slot are fantastic and will remind players of the same quality effects used in the UK pub slot Cops and Robbers. The game play that’s offered to players in the Hellboy casino pub slot is very entertaining as it has a large slot format and numerous bonus rounds. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty win line game which gives players a large amount of flexibility over their win line selection.

The overall aim for players in the Hellboy casino pub slot is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols from the left to the right across a win line. The player by doing this creates a winning line combination all of the different symbols in the game pay out various amounts. These various amounts and there corresponding symbols can be seen in the games pay table. The other objective for players in the Hellboy casino pub slot is to unlock one of the games four bonus rounds. The bonuses available to players include the gamble, random, scatter and wild that all contain very different features. The wild feature in the Hellboy casino pub slot is represented by the logo symbol. The logo has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line and when the logo symbol is involved in forming a winning line that amount is doubled. The scatter bonus in the Hellboy casino pub slot is represented by the red fist symbol which the player needs to spin three of onto the screen. Once three symbols arrive on the screen the bonus is activated and the player is launched into the bonus round.

The bonus round that the red fist scatter symbols unlock is called the underworld bonus round which loads into a new screen. The new screen is numerous different underground chambers that the player must navigate their way around and make various selections to win a prize. The underworld bonus in the Hellboy casino pub slot is one of the most atmospheric and enjoyable bonus rounds found in any online slot. The gamble bonus is the Hellboy casino pub slot is offered to players at the end of a winning spin of the reels and gives the player the chance to double or lose their winnings. The gamble bonus takes place in the form of a fifty/fifty bet which is very risky but can reward players with a fast return. The final bonus in the Hellboy casino pub slot is the random bonus that at any time of the game can be activated. The bonus randomly awards the player with a set amount of win spins that the player can use to boost their prize fund. The overall conclusion of the Hellboy casino pub slot is that it offers players a great chance to play a comic book animated game based on a famous action hero. The bonuses that are on offer have great winning potential and similar features can be seen in the Lotsaloot casino UK pub slot.