UK Pub Slot Abra-Kebab-Ra

The most fitting theme for a UK pub slots is arguably the food based UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra which gives players the chance to enjoy a game based on the Middle Eastern delicacy kebabs. The kebabs are one of the most famous and popular meals for people to eat after an evening spent drinking in the local pub. The idea to base a pub slot on the famous after pub meal of choice is therefore a very fitting one which players will really appreciate. The UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra was once one of the most famous pub slot machines as it was seen in pubs across the nation and was hugely popular. The inception of the internet meant that the game was made available online and people did not have to make the trip to the pub to enjoy the game. The theme of the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is also enhanced with the use of other Middle Eastern elements rather than just the kebab dish. The other Middle Eastern elements include a genie in the lamp which is a very famous part of this region’s cultural identity. The food related theme of the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is highly entertaining and players will love the fun feeling that the game creates.

The UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is presented on players screens through an excellent level of cartoon animation and quality themed sound effects. The visual appearance of the slot comprises of the background, symbols and title text which all equally contribute to the slots overall image. The background of the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is an excellent animation of the inside of the kebab shop. The image greatly enhances the delivery of the slots theme and is full of colour making it very visually appealing. The symbols used in the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra are one of the slots highlights as they feature different ingredients that go into making the famous kebab. The themed symbols include Nan bread, chilis and the chef character and the traditional symbols include lemons, cherries, melons and plums. The symbols are all presented in a colourful style of cartoon animation that is very sharp and looks fantastic on the players screen. The title text used in the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is a Middle Eastern style font that resembles the famous film based on this region Aladdin. The text shows a lamp behind it with a genie popping out which is a great part of the slots appearance as it enhances the games theme.

The other crucially important factor of the slots presentation to players is the sound effects that are played. The background sounds of the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra are excellent as they feature Middle Eastern music being played which builds a great atmosphere. The various win lines in the game are all met with different effects and the slots bonus round is greeted with a booming voice shouting the slots name. The visual and the sound effects combine in the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra with a fantastic end which is a wonderful playing atmosphere that is also highly amusing. One of the other slot games with a fantastic level of effects is the UK pub slot Deep Sea Dosh that manages to immerse players in an underwater world. The slot does this through a colourful cartoon animated design which looks fantastic on player’s screens and sound effects that play watery noises. The game play of the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is very involving and challenges players through nudges, holds and a high / low gamble feature. The format of the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is a three reel and one win line game which is the most straight forward set up for any of the slot games.

The overall aim for players when playing the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line. The different symbols in the game all pay varying prize payments and these can be seen along the right hand side of the slot. The next important feature of the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is the bonus round which is the only other way for players to win money in the slot. The bonus round can be activated by players managing to line up three symbols with kebabs on them across the reels. The player has the use of both nudges and holds in the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra to help line up winning line combinations or kebab symbols. The nudges allow players to move reels and symbols down a place to try and form matching symbols. The holds allows players to keep a reel and symbol still whist the rest spin in order to try and create a winning combination. The nudges and the holds in the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra test player’s judgment skills and tactical brain. The UK pub slot Fire n Dice also features both nudges and holds which tests the same level of player’s skills and are rewarded with cash.

The bonus round when triggered in the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra loads in to a new screen and displays to player’s three columns / ladders of prizes. The higher up the ladder of prizes the player reaches means the higher the value of the prize. The player can finish the bonus round at any time and collect the prize which is a great test of their judgment skills. To climb the ladder in the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra the player takes part in a high / low gamble feature. The player are displayed a number between one and twelve and then asked to guess if the next number displayed will be higher or lower than the initial number. The high / low feature in the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is a fantastic test of a player’s rational thinking abilities and is a highly enjoyable feature. The overall conclusion of the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra is that it offers players a fun and very fitting theme for a pub game. The slot is presented with a great style of animation and has a fantastic interactive style of play. The slot because of its theme, game play and visual effects is a great example of what are UK pub slots.