UK Pub Slot Apocalypse Cow

One of the best and most successful UK pub slots with huge player numbers is the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow. The game has a brilliant theme that is based on a smash hit Vietnamese war movie from the 1970’s. The film was hugely popular and starred both Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen who were both very convincing in it. The UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow therefore gives players the chance to play a game which is based on a fantastic film and movie fans will really appreciate this opportunity. The UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow in a brilliant twist includes the farmyard animal cows as the main character which adds a great comic element to the game. The slot features these cows dressed up in army uniforms and carrying weapon’s which is a very imaginative twist which players will find very funny. The crazy and wacky theme in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow is highly enjoyable and players will really appreciate the chance to play such a creatively themed game. If players would prefer a slot with a much similar and straighter forward theme then the Lotsaloot casino UK pub slot is a great option. The slot features Irish leprechauns and other very superstitious objects that players will find very entertaining.

The games hilarious and wacky theme is delivered to players through a fantastic style of cartoon animation. The visual elements of the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow include the background, symbols and the title text. The symbols that are presented to players are highly entertaining as they include both traditional and themed items. The themed symbols include the cow character, army dog tags and helicopters. The traditional symbols include lemons, watermelons, bars, cherries and sevens. The themed and the traditional symbols in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow are presented in a very sharp and crisp style of cartoon animation which players will love. The background presented to players in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow is a cartoon animated representation of the Vietnamese jungle. The jungle includes lots of green leaves and looks fantastic on the screen as it is full of colour that jumps out from the screen. The title text of the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow is the visual highlight of the slots appearance as it includes an animated design of a Vietnamese village and a cow flying through the air. The text is presented in a black and white cow skin which looks great on the screen and greatly enhances the games theme.

The combination of the background, title text and the symbols create a very impressive looking slot that players will love. The other important part of the slots physical appearance is the sound effects that are played to players. The sound effects in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow are some of the best sound effects found across the range of pub slot games. The various winning lines in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow are met with themed noises like helicopters flying and guns being fired. The highlight of the sound effects are triggered when the bonus round is activated as it plays 1970’s music which is the era the film was released. The combination of the sound and the visual effects in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow are superb as they create a great playing environment. One of the other pub slots with a very similar style and standard of visual and sound effects is the UK pub slot Game on which also stars animals. The slot game is set in Africa and through brilliant cartoon animation shows different animals in lots of vibrant colours. The game play of the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow is excellent as it is very interactive and involving.

The format of the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow is a three reel and one win line set up which is a very easy to understand and learn format for players. The overall aim of the slot is to line up three of the same symbols across the three reels to unlock a prize payment. The various symbols in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow all pay out different amounts and these can be seen on the right hand side of the screen. The best symbol for a player to line up is the cow character followed by the helicopter. The player also has the use of both nudges and holds which allows them the chance to manipulate win lines. The nudges in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow allow players to move a reel and symbol down into the win line in an effort to align matching symbols. The holds allow players to keep reels and symbols in the same place as the other reels spin to form a winning line combination. The nudges and the holds in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow test player’s skills and their judgment abilities and are great elements of the game.

The UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow has one bonus round available to players and this can be activated by players spinning in three of the symbols with steaks on them. Once the bonus round has been activated the player is taken to a new screen where they are shown a board of prizes that they can work their way around. The player has to spin a number on the board and they are then moved round a certain number of spaces to a square. The bonus round in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow has three different prize boards that players can add prizes too when they move around the board. There are also squares around the board that can throw a player out of the bonus round in the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow. The player needs to know when to end the bonus round and collect their prize before they hit a negative square which is a good test of their judgment skills. The overall conclusion of the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow is that it offers a fantastic fun theme which is highly amusing and presents it in colourful cartoon animation. The slot has excellent game play, theme and visual and sound effects which all contribute and help it to be one of the best UK pub slots.