UK Pub Slot Chavin It Large

The UK pub slot Chavin it Large is a hilarious comical look at the nation’s most famous social group the chav. The chav themed game features fantastic colourful visual effects and funny themed sound effects which are guaranteed to make players laugh and really enjoy their playing session. The game has a very unique theme and concept which explores the chav’s and different factors about their appearance and tastes. The elements that the UK pub slot Chavin it Large presents include the clothes that they wear including the types of trainers, the baseball caps, sovereign rings and the tracksuit bottoms. In one of the most entertaining and amusing parts of the UK pub slot Chavin it Large it shows what a chav would spend large amounts of money on. These elements include pink limos and tacky mansions which are a very funny feature of the UK pub slot Chavin it Large. The amusing elements of the slot are excellent as they create a brilliant and highly amusing playing environment. One of the other UK pub slots that have a lot of comic value is the UK pub slot Apocalypse Cow that tells the highly amusing story of cows dressed up as soldiers.

The slots hilarious theme is brought to life on the players screen through a combination of excellent visual and sound effects. The visual effects presented in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large include the background for the bonus round and the main game, the symbols and the title text. All of the games different elements are presented in colourful cartoon animation that brings lots of life to the slot. The background of the main section of the UK pub slot Chavin it Large is a tartan check which resembles the logo of the famous brand Burberry. The Burberry brand is the chav’s logo of choice and therefore enhances the delivery of the slots theme. The background of the bonus round in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large is one of the slots highlights as it’s a great cartoon animation detailing what a chav would spend a fortune on. The animation includes a pink limo and other tacky objects that players will find highly amusing. The symbols on display in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large are all themed and include three different colour trainers, sovereign ring and a baseball cap. The symbols are all presented in a very colourful style of cartoon animation that players will really enjoy.

The title text of the UK pub slot Chavin it Large is displayed under the reels and includes the font written in the Burberry check which greatly enhances the games theme. These different components of the slots appearance look fantastic and successfully create a very amusing and good looking game. The sound effects that are played to the player in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large are one of the slots highlights. The various winning line combinations and the bonus round are all met with an accented voice saying a chav related phrase. The phrases include ‘sorted’ and ‘innit’ which are very famous chav sayings and will really make players laugh. The visual and the sound affects in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large combine nicely to create a highly amusing overview of the nation’s most famous social group. The UK pub slot Game On offers players a very similar level of sound and visual effects which manage to deliver an animal related theme. The game shows animals playing football and is full of colour making it one of the most visually attractive games on the market. The game play of the UK pub slot Chavin it Large is also excellent and players will love the interactive style of play on offer.

The format of the UK pub slot Chavin it Large is a three reel and one win line set up which is the most typical set up found across the range of pub slots. The overall aim for players in the slot is to win money which is done by either lining up three symbols or by activating the bonus round. The aim of lining up three of the same symbols across the win line in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large is the easiest way for players to win money. The different symbols in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large all pay the player varying amounts which can be seen along the right hand side of the slot. The best symbol in line up in the slot is the gold trainers which releases a payment of one hundred times stake. The UK pub slot Chavin it Large has both nudges and hold available to players which are designed to challenge a players judgment skills. The nudges allow players to move reels and symbols down a place in order to bring new symbols onto the winning line. The holds allow players to keep reels and symbols in the same place whilst the other reels spin in an effort to create a winning line.

The bonus round in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large is activated by the player managing to roll in three winning line combinations featuring trainers in a row. The bonus round when activated loads into a new screen showing the player a ladder of different prizes. The prizes on the ladder in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large increase in value the higher up the ladder they are. The player has to complete a skill stopper feature in the bonus round which shows a flashing light hovering over different squares. The player has to stop the flashing light on the right square to activate the bonus round which is a challenging task that tests a players reflexes. Once the player have selected a prize in the UK pub slot Chavin it Large they have to complete another skill stopper feature to see if they can repeat the feature. The overall conclusion of the UK pub slot Chavin it Large is that it offers players a fantastic and very funny theme presented in a bright colourful style of cartoon animation. The game play in the slot focuses on player’s skills and attributes whereas the Hitman casino UK pub slot concentrates more on their luck. The difference in the games outcomes being based on luck or skill will appeal to different types of players.