UK Pub Slot Dubya Money

One of the most hilarious and comically themed of all the UK pub slots is the brilliant UK pub slot Dubya Money which has a great theme supported with excellent visual and sound effects. The theme of the slot is a very comical look at the former president of the USA who was in power between 2001 and 2009. The former president George Bush was well known for funny statements and phrases which are highlighted in the UK pub slot Dubya Money. The former president came from Texas which is very famous for the production of the commodity oil. The Texan state is one of Americas most southerly and the UK pub slot Dubya Money includes several comical stories about the state. The UK pub slot Dubya Money includes lots of different funny elements that describe both the former president and his state of origin. The slot including the commodity oil is a very clever and fitting inclusion as this relates to money which is the reason people would play the slot game. If players want a much simpler slot game that has a more basic standard of visual and sound effects and theme then the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is a great option.

The UK pub slot Dubya Money has a fantastic and very funny theme which is brought to life through an equally high standard of visual and sound effects. The slots appearance is made up of several main components which include the symbols, bonus round background, main game background and the title text. The title text of the UK pub slot Dubya Money is detailed in the American stars and stripes taken from the American flag which really enhances the games theme. The background of the slots main game is lots of interconnecting pipes which are detailed in a colourful cartoon animation. The background of the UK pub slot Dubya Money bonus round is a very busy and colourful cartoon animation that looks absolutely fantastic on the screen. The background includes lots of different themed elements like the White House, a marching band, George Bush and a golden eagle. These different famous American elements are all drawn in a very comic style of animation that players will love. The symbols used in the UK pub slot Dubya Money include lemons, oranges, oil drums, watermelons, bells, plums, cowboy hat and map of America. The symbols are all presented a great colourful style of cartoon animation that players will love.

The final and very important part of the UK pub slot Dubya Money physical appearance is the sound effects that are played. The sound effects include background music that is very famously American and players will instantly relate it to America therefore enhancing the games theme. The various winning line combinations in the UK pub slot Dubya Money are all greeted with a different sound effect which is an excellent part of the game. The fusion of the sound and the visual effect creates an excellent overall atmosphere which players will really enjoy. The effects that are used are of the highest standard and players wanting a plainer and simpler level of finishing will really enjoy the UK pub slot Lucky Darts. The Darts game only includes two colours and is very plain which will therefore really appeal to some players. The game play that’s on offer in the UK pub slot Dubya Money is excellent as it includes one brilliant bonus round and numerous different interactive challenges. The format of the UK pub slot Dubya Money is a three reel and one win line set up which is perfect for players wanting an easy to understand and play game.

The two ways for players to win money in the UK pub slot Dubya Money is too activate the bonus round or to line up three matching symbols. If the player can manage to align three matching symbols across the three reels they unlock a winning payment. The game includes numerous different symbols for player to try and lineup which all result in varying amounts to be paid to the player. The player has the use of both nudges and holds in the UK pub slot Dubya Money which allows the player to manipulate reels. The player by manipulating reels can align matching symbols across the one win line and unlock a payment. The nudges in the UK pub slot Dubya Money allow players to move the reels and symbols down a position to try and unlock a prize payment. The holds allow players to keep the reels in the same place whilst the other reels spin in order to try and create a winning line. The player in the UK pub slot Dubya Money uses their own personal judgment skills to try and create various winning line combinations. The game also has a ballet box feature which is an additional bonus not seen in any other pub slot.

The ballet box feature in the UK pub slot Dubya Money is shown to the left hand side of the reels and fills up throughout a playing session. The ballet box when full awards the player with a random feature which is a part of the UK pub slot Dubya Money. The main bonus round in the UK pub slot Dubya Money is triggered when the player manages to reach the top of an eight digit trail. Certain symbols in the game all have different numbers placed on them which when on the win line are added together and go towards the trail. Once the player reach the top of the trail they are transported to the bonus round which is displayed in a new screen. The bonus round starts with the player stopping a flashing light on a prize board and then win the feature that they land on. The bonus round has three different reels displayed on it that certain prizes unlock and are then utilized. The bonus round is activated in a very similar way to the brilliant football themed UK pub slot Bundle in the Jungle which also has a trail feature. The overall conclusion of the UK pub slot Dubya Money is that it is one of the most hysterically themed slots on the market with a great style of visual and sound effects.