UK Pub Slot Game On

One of the craziest and most bizarre of all the UK pub slots is the brilliant UK pub slot Game on which has a very fun and imaginative theme. The game is based on an animal football world cup which is a completely ridiculous idea as animals cannot play football. The game delivers this wacky theme brilliantly and includes different animals like lions, monkeys, zebras, elephants, snakes and giraffes all dressed in soccer jerseys. The theme of the UK pub slot Game on will really appeal to fans of both football and to animal lovers as the game features these two elements extensively. The UK pub slot Game on even shows the players an African football stadium with all the animals competing in a football match which is a highly amusing sight. The setting of Africa is a very fitting one for an animal related game as this is the most famous habitat for these creatures. The African elements included in the UK pub slot Game On include a game keeper running across the plains trying to catch the soccer mad animals. The imaginative and fun theme shown in the slot game is a great example of one of the UK pub slots advantages.

The wacky theme in the UK pub slot Game on is brought to life on player’s screens through a fantastic level of visual and sound effects. The slots appearance is made up of the background, the title text and the symbols. The symbols in the slot are all beautifully presented cartoon animations that look fantastic on the screen. The traditional symbols include cherries, watermelons, lemons and sevens. The themed symbols in the UK pub slot Game On include a football boot, game keepers hat, world cup and whistle. These symbols all look great on the screen and create a very visually appealing game which players will love. The background of the main section of the UK pub slot Game on is a drawing of different types of animals chasing after a treasure chest being chased by a game keeper in a highly comic fashion. The background of the bonus round shows a colourful cartoon animation of the inside of a football stadium with crowds cheering and animals taking penalties. The title text of the UK pub slot Game On shows the world cup trophy and also shows the text presented in numerous different animal skins that really enhances the games theme.

The sound effects that are played in the UK pub slot Game On is one of the slots highlights as they are various different animal noises. The animal noises are played when various winning lines are created which is a great part of the slots performance. The background noises in the slot are a combination of crowds cheering and whistling which really enhances the games football theme. The sound and the visual effects in the UK pub slot Game on are of the highest possible standard and players will love the overall atmosphere that’s created. One of the other pub slots that have an equally high standard of cartoon animation and great sound effects is the UK pub slot Alien Cash Attack. The slot has great colourful cartoon animation depicting aliens attacking earth and throwing cash at ecstatic looking individuals. The game play on offer in the UK pub slot Game on is fantastic as it is very interactive and challenges player’s reflexes through a skill stopper feature. The UK pub slot Game On has a three reels and one win line format which is the straightest forward and easiest to understand set up available.

The overall aim for players in the UK pub slot Game On is to win money which can be done in two different ways. The first way is to align three of the same symbols across the one win line which unlocks a winning payment. The second way is to unlock the games bonus round which can activate a skill stopper that can be very lucrative. The different symbols in the UK pub slot Game on when aligned all pay out a different amount to the player and these can be seen along the right hand side of the slot. The UK pub slot Game On offers players the challenge of using both nudges and holds to form a winning line. The holds allow players to keep the reels in the same place whilst the others spin in order to try and form a winning line combination. The nudges allow players to move the reels and symbols down a place in order to form a winning line combination. The combination of both the nudges and holds in the UK pub slot Game On are fantastic as they are interactive fun features that players can use to enhance their winning chances.

The bonus round in the UK pub slot Game On is an excellent feature of the slot as it gives players the perfect opportunity to use their reflexes to win money. The bonus round is activated when the player manages to align three symbols with footballs at the bottom off across the win line. The bonus round in the UK pub slot Game On loads into a new screen and shows three different ladders of different prize features. The player then has to use the skill stopper feature to find a prize which is highly entertaining and fun task. The prizes increase in value the higher up the prize ladder the player climbs and is a great test of player’s reflexes. The overall conclusion of the UK pub slot Game On is excellent as it gives players the chance to play a fun and very interactive game from the comfort of their own home. The theme of the UK pub slot Game On is very wacky and players will love the fun and creative concept behind the game. One of the pub slots with a very crazy and wacky theme is the UK pub slot Billion Dollar Gran which is guaranteed to make players laugh through its funny elements and ideas.