UK Pub Slot Joker 8000

One of the most popular and famous of all the UK pub slots is the excellent UK pub slot Joker 8000 which has through its simple theme and plain effects created an excellent playing environment. The game is one of the most well recognized pub slots not only in the UK but across Europe. It has been seen in the corner of pubs for decades and is the most played land based machine on the market. The theme of the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is very simple and involves two different concepts. The two concepts are a pack or playing cards and the second is a medieval jester who would play for the king’s subjects. These two themed ideas are very different to each other but are also very interesting and players will enjoy the thrill of playing a slot featuring them. The pack of playing cards concept in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is a great idea and players will really enjoy this fun element of the game. The simple theme in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 may not suit all players as some may want a more adventure orientated slot game with lots of excitement.

The players who want a game featuring an exciting adventure should try the UK pub slot Bundle in the Jungle which has a great action packed theme. The game places the player into the shoes of an explorer who searches for a lost ancient civilization deep into the jungle. The visual and sound effects used in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 are plain and present the slot in a classical style that is very pleasing on the eye. The visual appearance of the UK pub slot Joker 8000 consists of the background, the title text and the symbols. The effects used in each of the different parts of the slots appearance are simple and equally important as the next. The background of the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is a fruit machines outline placed in front of a blurred image of the inside of the pub. The machines background is a mixture of red and black spades which enhances the slots playing card theme. The symbols used in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 are all presented in a crisp and clear finish that looks excellent on the screen. The symbols include bars, jokers, crowns, cherries, melons and lemons.

The title text used in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is one of the slots most attractive features as it includes gold text and a crown which greatly enhances the games theme. The combination of all the simple effects creates a very appealing game which players will really enjoy playing. The sound effects used in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 are also very simple as they combine a number of different electronic tones together which sound great. The sound effects when the bonus round is activated quicken in pace which adds to the players excitement levels. If players would like to play a game with a more intricate and higher level quality of effects then the UK pub slot Deep Sea Dosh is a great option. The game immerses players into an underwater environment through colourful cartoon animation and watery sounding sound effects. The game play of the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is simple but also very involving as it tests player’s judgment and tactical abilities. The UK pub slot Joker 8000 consists of three reels and five win lines which give players the chance to win across numerous amounts of win lines.

The UK pub slot Joker 8000 does not include either nudges or holds so is therefore less interactive than some of the other pub games on the market. The games aim is to align three matching symbols on one of the five win lines to win a prize amount. The games various symbols all pay a player a different amount and these can be seen at the top of the games screen. The best symbol for a player to align in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is the joker followed by the bar. The player each time a winning line is formed has the option to gamble their winning amount. This gamble takes place in the form of a fifty / fifty chance bet where the player can double or lose their winning amount. The gamble shows the player either a red or a black light which the player has to make the chance bet which one will be the correct option. The main for the player in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is to unlock the super game which is the games bonus round. The super game in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 costs a player twenty points per spin and has a higher potential winning amount.

The player wins the points for the spins in the super game in the games initial section. The super game works in a very similar way to the normal game except the stakes and the winning payments are raised. The super game in the UK pub slot Joker 8000 has excellent winning potential and if played wisely can be incredibly lucrative. The overall conclusion of the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is that the game has a simple theme and presents it with a plain and classic style of effects. The UK pub slot Alien Cash Attack has a much crazier and wackier theme as well as colourful visual and themed sound effects. The slot has excellent themed sound effects which present high pitched sci-fi noises brilliantly which greatly enhances the slots atmosphere. The game play of the UK pub slot Joker 8000 is the main reason behind the games phenomenal success as the five win line format and super game section present great winning potential. The UK pub slot Joker 8000 is one of the best and most enjoyable playing experiences on offer and players will love the overall experience that is on offer.