UK Pub Slots Advantages

The two main types of slot games that are available to players online are the casino games and the UK pub slots. The two games offer very different styles of play and certain players will prefer each respective style depending on their personal preferences. The results and outcomes of the casino slot games are completely dependent on players luck where as the pub games test players skills. The fact that player’s skills influence their results is one of the major UK pub slots advantages as users really enjoy having their personal input affect their results. One of the other main UK pub slots advantages is the fact the games are all offered on small formats which is easier for players to learn and understand. The average format of the pub games are three reels and one win line which is the easiest set up for players to grasp and a UK pub slot advantages. The casino games can have slots up to five reels and thirty win lines which are a huge amount and can be slightly confusing. The lower format of reels and win lines in the pub games is therefore a major UK pub slots advantages as it presents players with a fun and easy to use slot.

The next major UK pub slots advantages is the interactive and involving game play features that are on offer. The features include nudges, holds, high / low gambles and skill stopper which test different parts of player’s abilities. The nudges are a great UK pub slots advantages as they test player’s judgment skills giving them the chance to move reels to form winning lines. The nudges work by a player moving the reels down a position in order to form a winning line combination and are therefore very enjoyable. The holds allow players to keep symbols in the same place whilst the other reels spin in order to try and form a winning line combination. The high / low gamble feature is one of the UK pub slots advantages as it gives players the chance to use rational thinking. The feature works by showing the player a number between one and twelve and then the player predicting if the next number shown will be higher or lower. The high / low feature is a lot of fun as it is full of suspense and players will enjoy the thrill that it generates. The combination of the above three features are very important UK pub slots advantages as they involve players own input effecting their results.

The other excellent interactive feature presented to players in the range of pub games is the skill stopper which is designed to test player’s reflexes. The skill stopper challenges player’s reflexes by asking them to stop a flashing light on one of two squares which can result in victory or loss. The skill stopper is very entertaining and not available with the range of casino games so is therefore one of the UK pub slots advantages. The challenge of the different interactive features is one that players will relish and is one of the major UK pub slots advantages. The range of pub slots all have very light hearted themes which allow players the chance to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining playing session. The light hearted themes on offer are all very comic as they present players with some wacky and crazy concepts. The crazy concepts on offer are one of the main UK pub slots advantages as they are highly amusing and much less serious than those found in the casino games. The crazy and wacky themes include games based on animals competing in soccer world cups and funny elderly people trying to spend huge amounts of money. These great and very bizarre ideas are big UK pub slots advantages as they create excellent and very amusing playing environments.

One of the slots games that highlight numerous UK pub slots advantages is the UK pub slot Alien Cash Attack. The game has a fantastic theme featuring aliens coming down to earth and attacking humans but instead of using weapons they hurl cash. The funny twist in the games theme is an excellent one which is highly amusing and one of the major UK pub slots advantages as it really makes players laugh. The other main UK pub slots advantages that is highlighted in this game is the colourful entertaining style of cartoon animation that brings the games wacky theme to life. The cartoon animation is highly comic and details goofy looking humans and funny green aliens in an amusing and fun style. The colourful cartoon animation seen in this slot is the same across the range of pub slots which is one of the UK pub slots advantages. The sound effects used in the slot are in keeping with the games theme as they include lots of high pitched noises which create a very authentic sci-fi feel. The game play on offer includes holds and nudges that test player’s judgment abilities and are an excellent part of the slots performance.

The other slot game that highlights the UK pub slots advantages is the UK pub slot Abra-Kebab-Ra. The game has a very fitting fun theme based on the nation favourite after pub meal the kebab. The kebab is the meal of choice for people leaving the pub and is therefore the perfect theme for a pub slot game. The theme presents a very fun concept and is a perfect example of one of the UK pub slots advantages. The next element of the UK pub slots advantages that is displayed in this game is the visual effects as they through colourful cartoon animation bring the food related theme to life. The game play offered is one of the major UK pub slots advantages as it has a simple and straight forward format for players to use. The slot has interactive features that are a lot of fun and affect the players end result these include nudges and holds as well as a high / low gamble feature. The features are all a lot of fun and players really enjoy the challenge and the potential reward that they can offer. The range of advantages that the best UK pub slots offer over casino games is large and players will really enjoy the games that are on offer.